The RailStaff Awards 2019

Ryan Cryer

Virgin Trains

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Nominations for Graduate of the Year

Lee Wright

Said the following about Ryan Cryer:

“Ryan Cryer successfully graduated from our RedTrack graduate scheme in 2016 and now plays a significant part in leading and implementing large scale IT digital projects. Ryan has been able to create strong and successful relationships at all levels from senior executives to our wonderful frontline colleagues – Ryan has achieved this through his charisma, personality and professionalism. Following on from intense and stretching rotations within the business, Ryan found the digital element of our business interesting and game changing. Ryan said, “Technology is at the heart of customer service and it is very rare that any new ideas don’t have a massive focus around technology. Technology is not only about coming up with new ideas and solutions, but a massive part of it, is around problem solving that I find massively energising and results in different challenges day in day out.”

Our digital projects are often pioneering in the industry and Ryan has been able to contribute towards launching a variety of apps which benefit our customers and our people. Ryan, project managed the scoping, building and release of the Defect Reporting app, changing the process of our people reporting defects, increasing the number of defects being reported and fixed and changed the reporting culture among HQ with even Exec members reporting defects rather than it traditionally being the role of frontline.

Ryan also played a significant role by project managing the scoping, building and release of the Reservation app, helping our people be better prepared in their role, whether managing their platforms or service while helping provide a better customer service for passengers.

Ryan also supported the scoping, build and release of the Resolution app, creating a more empowered workforce and a culture of fixing problems when they occur rather than passing them off to CR teams. Also helped standardise the way that our people deal with problems, helping the customers know what to expect when they get on any VT service.

Impressively, Ryan helped create and set up the Tech Genius programme. The Tech Genuis programme identifies and develops individuals within the business to support the roll out of our apps and the skills that are required to create a digital culture, helping land major projects and bridge the gap between HQ/Tech team and frontline.

Ryan is a wonderful, bold and intelligent colleague and has been able to establish fruitful and effective relationships across the whole organisation. Ryan's ability and drive to produce high quality outcomes and all delivered with a smile demonstrates his true and valuable contribution to Virgin Trains and the industry.“