The RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Graduate of the Year

Alkis Sigkeris

Said the following about Robert Morgan:

“Since joining the Eleanor Street site team, it has been clear to everyone that Rob is an exceptional talented engineer. He has worked tirelessly to manage successfully the packages that were allocated to him making it easy for myself and the site team to handover to the client these works. His mentality of doing everything ‘’right first time’’ has lead a great quality of works in relation to the packages that he was managing. He always makes sure that clear information, instruction and adequate supervision has been provided to the subcontractors that are responsible to carry out the works on site. He has a very lean approach to problem solving and always provides the most efficient solutions.

One of the most challenging aspects of this project is to deal with the continuous changes on the design. Several changes in some packages have led to significant delays of the program. Rob managed to deal with the changes and no delays occurred. He has provided quick and clever solutions to overcome any design changes and problems that have arose during the progress of the works. The packages that were allocated to him finished on time and he proceeded with the handover records which were approved from Crossrail.

While managing his workload as Site Engineer on the blockwork/brickwork walls and landscaping, Rob mentors two apprentice engineers. He is preparing and leading the 4 weeks look ahead program for the last few months ensuring that the scope of works for the next 4 weeks is clear to all the subcontractors. He is also involved on the site design coordination raising project technical requests to the designers for any problems that have arose, which are always followed with a proposed solution.

He is always ready to take the next challenges, nothing being a problem for him, and not afraid of undertaking responsibilities. Rob is also leading the continuous improvement of the health and safety on site. His passion about everything he does is a real inspiration for the team. He is clearly a future leader with a lot to give in the construction industry. A real asset for the team.“