The RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Graduate of the Year

Shuchi Jain

Said the following about Naeem Riaz:

“Naeem joined Poise in March last year as a Graduate Engineer in our Electrical design team and since then, he has developed into a wonderful engineer. He is highly motivated, eager for knowledge and is always on the lookout to learn something new.

He graduated with M.Sc. in Renewable Energy and Power Systems Management with a Distinction from City University London, where he represented his University in engineering competitions at inter-University levels.

At the university, as part of the Green Dragon Initiative, Naeem led an innovative sustainability idea / project ‘ANE Green Stations’ that proposed to reduce CO2 emissions in London. The idea was to use the existing petrol stations to set up charging points for the electric vehicles, and power these charging points/stations from the solar panels installed at the rooftop of the petrol stations. His project was shortlisted as a Finalist for ‘City Spark’ award and was hugely appreciated by the judges (Had they won it, they would have started a pilot project at a petrol station with the financial help and support from Green Dragon).

Naeem demonstrates a high level of intellectual ability required to understand and apply various engineering principles on the rail projects he has worked on at Poise. He is very proactive in his approach and never likes to sit idle. As soon as he finishes his deliverables / design, he helps his peers to ease their work load.

Naeem recently worked on Wessex Circuit Main Shorting Devices Trial project, where he was tasked to lead the design for 3 of 14 sites i.e. produce drawings, schematics and a report to support these designs. Naeem readily took up this challenge and thoroughly researched on the topic before commencing the design. He was very meticulous in his work and continuously strived to set and achieve high standards for himself and the team he worked with.

During the review of designs, when given constructive feedback on his designs, Naeem would not get defensive about his work and was very open to feedback. At certain instances, because of his extensive research and knowledge on the subject, he would also validly challenge us on our approach, without being overpowering.

As well as being a talented Engineer, Naeem has a passion for Urdu literature and world history and is always very keen to share his knowledge on the topic with the people around. I have full confidence in his capabilities and strongly recommend him for ‘Graduate of the Year’ award.“