The RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Graduate of the Year

Jeremy Gardner

Said the following about Justin Confalonieri:

“Justin Confalonieri joined AECOM in 2016 and proved himself to be a very willing and dedicated young engineer. From the start of his career he has been working on the Wessex Capacity Programme, starting on the early GRIP 3 and 4 studies in the AECOM offices and then moving to the project office at Waterloo to deliver the detailed design (GRIP 5). Over this time he has quietly but effectively developed his capabilities and moved forward in his career to take on the design management role in completing the designs for the Suburban 10 Car Project.

Justin has worked his way up from being a designer in the team for the designs of alterations to existing signal gantries, design of a new signal gantry and cable management systems to taking on the design and design management of the design of alterations to the platforms 1 – 4 to provide mid platform stairs to the ‘peak hour’ subway. He was given this role after showing his competence in organising work on the early designs he took responsibility for and his ability to work with the construction team in developing appropriate solutions.

Up to the recent partial closure of Waterloo station Justin has been working with the construction team on works that could be delivered prior to the closure and during the closure he has been on site providing design support to the delivery of the platform alterations. In this role he has been praised for his proactive and pragmatic approach to solving problems as they have arisen during the work and his input is seen as being a significant contribution to the success in delivering the works well within the partial closure.“