The RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Graduate of the Year

Wai-Keat Ngai

Said the following about Fiona Power:

“The graduate who I am nominating as achieved remarkable success during her tenure here at Crossrail Paddington.

Apart from serving as a highly competent health and safety advisor on the project in conjunction progressing with her own graduate training, she also demonstrated remarkable leadership and management as a manager during the interim to secure a new full-time H&S Manager for the project.

She managed to keep abreast of all corporate reporting when she acted as an interim H&S manager; including championing a project wide H&S initiative to increase H&S engagement, and maintained the project's Gold ROSPA award performance.

She is a credit to the business and project.“

Andy Yeung

Said the following about Fiona Power:

“I am nominating Fiona for the "Graduate of the Year" award for her professionalism during her time on the project and in particular the period as acting interim manager.

Her friendly nature coupled with highly skilled managerial approach to problem solving has won many supports and has contributed to the high health and safety performance that the project has achieved across the pan-Crossrail contracts.“

Alan Faherty

Said the following about Fiona Power:

“Fiona has been integral to the team at Crossrail Paddington achieving an astonishing 3 million man hours without a RIDDOR and 1.5 million hours without a lost time incident. Her proactive nature and attitude intolerance of any risk combined have meant that hazards are identified and tackled ahead of time and controlled.

Fiona took on the additional responsibility during the period that we functioned without a H&S manager and acquitted herself well.

Fiona is respected and liked by the entire site team as she is approachable and always delivers on her promises. She deserves this recognition. Well done Fiona.“

Graham Sugrue

Said the following about Fiona Power:

“I am pleased to nominate Fiona Power for the Rail Staff Awards in the Graduate of the Year category. Fiona has spent the past 15 months at Crossrail C405 Paddington station works in the Health & Safety team, whereby she led the team during a 6 month maternity cover period. Over the past 15 months I have always found Fiona dependable, efficient and unfailingly punctual.

During this time Fiona has shown the ability to establish an excellent rapport with many different constituents including other students, the Clients representatives and other Costain and joint venture staff. Fiona’s ability was easily recognized and as such she was rewarded with being given the responsibility to manage the H&S team which she did in a professional and diligent manner. Fiona’s passion for Health and Safety greatly helped the project achieve over 3 million man-hours with a RIDDOR.

Fiona is genuinely interested in helping others and provides service in a consistently positive and helpful manner far greater than her age and position would suggest. Fiona is self-assured and calmly handles the stress associated with busy times in the project.

Fiona has demonstrated excellent communication skills. In addition, Fiona can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her. Fiona was quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of the projects operations. She blends a well-organized, task oriented style with the aforementioned sensitivity to the needs of the rest of the team.

Bright, dedicated and skilled, Fiona garners my unequivocal recommendation for the Rail Staff Awards Graduate of the Year.“

Barry Scanlan

Said the following about Fiona Power:

“Fiona constantly displays a maturity beyond the limited years of experience she has at present. Fiona's engaging personality encourages others to open up where they may not do so for others.

Fiona seeks help when necessary and does not shy away from seeking any necessary assistance whilst also demonstrating a level of competence in her role. Additionally Fiona does not let the situation get the better of her and she is as comfortable in dialogue with both senior and junior team members.“

Colin Robertson

Said the following about Fiona Power:

“Fiona, has done an outstanding job this year, working on a very challenging project, with a number of key personnel changes, Fiona has stood up and risen to every challenge. She has shown great knowledge and great temperament dealing with all manner of tasks, she has interacted with staff and the work site team brilliantly and always does so with a smile on her face.

She has been a credit to the site and the project and will go on to do great things I am sure.“