RailStaff Awards 2019

Nominations for Rail Manager of the Year

Abdul Rehman Savant

Said the following about Ben Hervey:

“A Rail Manager is defined to me as a person who has a very good understanding of the Railway, the processes and procedures required for a team to be successful in carrying the values set out by Amey. At Amey we have a strong focus on 3 core values which are, Putting People First, Delivering Great Service and Creating Better Solutions. Ben Hervey as the Principal Engineering Manager for the Electrical Power Team in the Northern region of Amey Consulting works hard to ensure he and his team maintain the core values. Ben Hervey always puts people first by looking out for his team of Engineers, ensuring zero harm to all personnel is maintained, designs being carried out have consideration for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Ben is very supportive to deliver and grow the team. Ben Hervey has a great passion to maintain a good reputation with the client by working closely with them and also by building a team culture of resilience with regards to the difficult and critical industry we work in to ensure we can always deliver a brilliant service as promised. All Engineers who work for Ben are confident they will gain support to provide innovative solutions and seeking ways to improve the systems we design. Ben is a great believer of innovation, system improvements, and use of new technology, efficiencies, sustainability and best of all collaboration. Since I have worked for Ben Hervey, I have really enjoyed my time working on his team. He has a great character and is definitely the life of the team. Rail Manager of the year 2019 is an award that Ben Hervey deserves.“

Michael Walker

Said the following about Ben Hervey:

“I work with Ben quite closely in my recruitment function and it is clear how thoughtful and meticulous Ben is when it comes to properly structuring his team. He plans ahead, considers his existing team before interviewing/hiring anyone new, and ensures there is a specific role and function for all his new starters. He is committed that all of his team get the training and development they need to keep producing and delivering for our clients; for example, he is expecting four of his team to receive their professional chartership this year. Ben puts others before himself and should be recognised for this; management is about developing future leaders.“

Warren Thomas

Said the following about Ben Hervey:

“I have nominated for Ben for this award as I believe his management skills and techniques are excellent. Since starting my career, Ben has supported me from day one, provided me with excellent guidance to move my career in the right direction. His approach to management is an example to all managers, he is a very fair and understanding person, which can be appreciated when working for him. He is a person within my career, I feel I can discuss any personal or work related issues. I have confidence that Ben will always make time for me. He really deserves this award.“