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Control, Signalling & Telecoms Person or Team of the Year

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Do you know someone who works tirelessly in keeping the trains running safely and smoothly despite incredible challenges?

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Or maybe someone who has engineered a fantastic new system; written a new workbook?

Example jobs under this category:-

Signaller, Signal Engineer, Signalling Project Engineer, Operations & Interface, Operational Comms Engineer, Railway Systems Engineer, Project Engineer (Signalling), Project leaders, S&T Tester, Rail Design Delivery Manager, Principal Signalling Design Manager, Planner, Railway Signal Designer, Shift Signaller Manager...

Last years Signalling Team of the year was IP Signalling Northern LNE Construction Team from Network Rail.

Network Rail’s IP Signalling Northern LNE Construction Team, with the help of the Works Delivery Special Projects team, has successfully delivered several significant resignalling schemes, including North Lincs, Ferriby, Brigg, South Kirkby and, most recently, Huddersfield to Bradford. 

You can see all past winners here.

Here's how you nominate:

To nominate some one you believe deserves to win this award, first write down in rough what you most admire about the person: cheerfulness, positive thinking, companionship, a person who stands by his/her mates, a person who never misses a day at work, a newcomer who goes out of his or her way to learn and absorb the art of working on the railway. This will help clarify in your own mind why you are going ahead with the nomination. 

Next, write down a specific incident which typifies the qualities you know this person has.

Maybe it was a charity event they helped organise, a late night emergency work session put in to help out a colleague. It could be an act of bravery, rescuing a passenger from an incident; or assisting a foreigner or child who had become lost. Put in the approximate date and location.

This can all be done on the nomination page. Please click Nominate Now above to access this.

Finally discuss all this with your manager or director. He or she will need to be happy that the nomination can go forward. If as a manager you are proposing a member of staff do, please, make sure they are fully aware of what you are up to and that he or she agrees to be nominated.

RailStaff will contact the person being nominated to check that they are happy to go into the final list being put forward to the judges.

At any stage of the process feel free to contact RailStaff. We can help with advice on how to draft a nomination.


And the winner is…

Garry Andrews

telent Technology Services Ltd

Congratulations to the runners-up

Mike Lewis

Siemens Mobility Limited

The finalists…

Glen Wilbor

Network Rail

Tim Jones

Amey Consulting

Lewis Westbury

iLecsys Limited

GTR social media team

Govia Thameslink Railway

Garry Andrews

telent Technology Services Ltd

GTR ThamesLink & GN Control Team

GoVia ThamesLink Railway

Jack Ratcliffe

Bombardier Transportation

Mike Lewis

Siemens Mobility Limited

Mark Ferrer

Siemens Mobility Limited

Anthony Kerry

Network Rail