The RailStaff Awards 2020

Whatever your signalling requirements may be, Fenix Signalling has the railway industry experience and expertise to make your project a success. Across multiple railway disciplines, our in-depth understanding of the technicalities of rail signalling has been successfully employed throughout the UK and internationally. This is underpinned by our team’s experience of major project delivery for a wide range of major clients.

Collaboration is at the heart of our success and we nurture strong and respectful relationships up and down the supply chain.

Professional Services

Fenix provides the following range of professional services for signalling projects:


  • Signalling design
  • Signalling installation
  • Signalling testing and commissioning
  • Independent checking
  • Signal sighting
  • Project management
  • Project engineering
  • CRE/CEM services
  • IRSE mentoring from engineers
  • Bespoke training for non-signalling professionals
  • Expert witness provision


A great place to work

We pride ourselves on employing some of the brightest talent in the rail signalling industry – in terms of both youth and experience. Our leadership team has a long track record of success on UK and international rail signalling projects, encompassing the full range of disciplines. At the same time, we invest in young talent through training and development programmes to ensure the skills of our employees are maximised. Not only does this boost Fenix’s offering, it strengthens the industry as a whole.

In 2015, Fenix moved to a new headquarters in Hatton, Warwickshire. This rural location is a pleasure to work in and is also important strategically, being right in the heart of the country and easily accessible by rail, road and air.

Fenix has worked hard to develop collaborative relationships with a number of international partners, giving the Fenix Team the opportunity to work on a range of exciting projects around the world. It has also enabled us to deliver innovative products and solutions on projects in this country, such as at Banbury depot, where we provided a technical interface to the mainline signalling system – the first time that this has ever been done.