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Carl Downer

Carl Downer

Transport for London (TfL)

Dean Horler

Said the following about Carl Downer:

“Carl is a Customer Service Assistant at Victoria LU station. His customers love him! Never in all my years as a manager have I known so may commendations come in for one person.

Carl brings his own style and charasmatic approach to his role and brightens up peoples journeys. He is approachable and very pro-active with his customers.

When carrying out platform duties he injects humor into his PA announcements - and makes them meaningful and relevant to the time or day - you often see people turn around and smile at each other when Carl is on the PA.

I even heard that a certain airline were using a picture of Carl to promote London on their in-flight videos recently. He is certainly famous around these parts.“

Joseph Kantharaj

Said the following about Carl Downer:

“Carl downer is an excellent person to work with as a colleague.“

Pete Goulding

Said the following about Carl Downer:

“Delivers clear and articulate customer information via platform Public Address, with good humour and positive intonation to thousands of LU customers in an extremely busy, often crowded platform environment at one of LU's busiest locations on the network.“

Peter Baxter-Derrington

Said the following about Carl Downer:

“Coming up from the depths of the Victoria Line to be greeted by his announcements with their wit, humour and genuinely caring concern about us passengers - is always an absolute pleasure.

He makes everyone smile and to be blunt, the usual pushing and shoving to get on the Tube is always less frantic when he's on duty. And once on the Tube - never fail to notice several passengers smiling quietly to themselves. He's a real boost in the mornings...“